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Mark Your Calendars!  Join us for an informative evening with featured guest Phillip Christophanelli:


Hear Philips first hand account of the class he took at UMSL that taught students about organized labor tactics of sabotage, fear and intimidation….and what happened when he went public with the information!

Philip Christofanelli is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, where he was President of a group called Young Americans for Liberty, which specialized in creative student activism. His work has been published on numerous forums such as Big Government and Young American Revolution magazine.


Refreshments following after!

University of Missouri: What are Legislators To Do?

So, this story is like the Energizer Bunny.  It just keeps going, and going, and going. . . So, why aren’t our elected officials doing anything about it?  Beacause they think they can just play dumb!  Seriously, I just received a copy of a response from Missouri State Senator to a concerned citizen that read:

Ms. ______,

My name is ____ ____ and I am the Chief of Staff for Sen. ___ ____. The senator asked me to write to you in response to your email about certain courses being offered at the University of Missouri. I would recommend that the best course of action for concerned citizens would be to contact the Board of Curators for the University of Missouri System, the contact information for which I have included below. Regarding your request that we investigate a means to strip funding, the Senate had already passed the budget for Higher Education a week before we received your email, making this course of action impossible for the upcoming fiscal year.

University of Missouri Board of Curators

316 University Hall
Columbia, Missouri 65211
Phone: (573) 882-2388
Facsimile: (573) 882-0010

Really??? Why the heck is the Senator also not a “concerned citizen”?  Is the Senator above it, or is this just a wishy-washy non-response?  This Senator in particular happens to be my Senator.  So the phones are about to get hot.

For the record, that last sentence by the COS is complete bullhonkey.  Lt. Governor Peter Kinder addressed both the House and Senate floors nearly 3 weeks ago on this issue (see below)

In the mean-time, here’s the latest on the story, and what you can do to ensure that we put a stop to the infiltration of communist indoctrination in our tax-dollar funded schools:

UMSL’s statement from yesterday
The video montages off the classes:
Highlights of the videos: Tony Pecinovsky (MO/KS Communist Party leader) recruiting for the communist party IN THE CLASS and with the support of the professors.
* Both professors advocating fear and intimidation tactics and laughing about a ceo Giljum scared so bad he was in fear for his life. * Gleeful discussions of inciting riots and destroying police cars. * Gleeful discussions on HOW TO DESTROY NON-UNION BUSINESSES. Advocacy of violence as a strategic tactic.
Kinder, on The Dana Show expressing outrage.
And just incase you’re as fired up as I am about this, here are a few more people you might want to “enlighten” regarding this filth:
Here’s the Higher-Ed Committee website

Chairman: Mike Thompson
Chairman: David Pearce
Other relevant committees:
Gubernatorial Appointees  Chaired by Rob Mayer
Governmental Accountability Chaired by Jim Lembke
In Liberty, we find Victory!  Now, get busy!

Word of Warning: Know Your Facts!

A word of warning to the people who are falsely reporting on Citizen Journalist Adam Sharp:
You never know who actually has the facts!

UMSL Chancellor’s Response to Faculty- Taught Criminal Activity

So, in case you missed what St Louis Tea Party Coalition has uncovered as to what our College Students are learning in the classroom these days, simply click on the links below.  UMSL happens to be my Alma-Mater for Undergraduate Studies.  My husband and I solely put the Communication Department of UM-St. Louis on the map back in the 90s.  So when I saw what was going on, I promptly put in a phone-call to the Chancellor.  Guess what??? He was busy!  So, I sent an email instead:

Dear Chancellor George,
It has recently come to my attention that you have a course currently being taught to students on your campus which promotes not only violence, but Communistic Rule and Sabotage.  Specifically, you faculty member Judy Ancel is teaching a course entitled “Introduction to Labor Studies” in conjunction with Union Official David Giljam, who also happens to be a proud member of the Communist Party, in his course “Labor Politics and Society”..  To make matters worse, excerpts of their teachings have gone viral over the internet.  This video exposes what YOUR faculty is actually teaching the young, impressionable minds of the future!

If you are unfamiliar with this story, please see:
As my husband and myself are both highly accomplished Alumni who have always been huge advocates for the University of Missouri- St. Louis, we are both absolutely outraged by this!  This is NOT the University my husband and I worked our butts off to put the Communication Department on the map for, and it is certainly not the University I have promoted Nationally in my speeches, publications and interviews!

Do you have a policy on faculty members encouraging students to commit crimes? 

Judy Ancel, uses your system to encourage students to commit industrial sabotage against their own employers!
I do not want my U of M, taxpayer-funded schools used to advocate communism and criminal sabotage against Missouri businesses. I can’t imagine any employer hiring one of your trained-saboteurs.
I trust that you are a much more able-minded Chancellor than Chancellor Touhill was and will be willing and able to address this concern!  Please reply with your response to this.
And this is the response I received a few hours later:
Ms. C:

We, too, are appalled by the video from a class in the labor studies program. The program is delivered jointly with the University of Missouri–Kansas City and University of Missouri–Columbia. This is a personnel issue and we want to assure you that it’s being investigated on all three campuses. We are also reviewing the entire unedited tape of the class. Once we complete these steps, we will determine what action needs to be taken.

Thank you for your interest and concern.

M. Z.
Assistant Director
University Marketing and Communications
60 University Center
University of Missouri–St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63121
Well, I guess that counts for something!  At least they responded
…and at least I’m not forking over thousands of dollars per year for my kids to be learning this kind of garbage! (Sorry to all the parents who are!)
Huh, and to think that last year alone the UM University System received over $400 MILLION in taxpayer dollars.  Funding well allocated!!!  NOT!

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