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Because the Economy is Just Fine!

From an old friend, Eric Allie:


Let’s stay focused on the issues!


The Political Execution of Todd Akin

As I have come under heavy fire over the past few days for my comment “If you participated in throwing Akin under the bus, you are a PROGRESSIVE”, I have gained even more backing…and it is starting to line up.

True, maybe “progressive” was too strong a word. Fine, I will restate: If you participated in throwing Todd Akin under the bus, you resorted to progressive tactics.” There, does that make anyone feel any better…or do you have now have remorse for the knee-jerk reaction to resorting to such Alinsky tactics?

It seems I’m not alone and the numbers are growing. This, from American Vision:

We expect leftists, liberals, and other miscreants to pounce opportunistically, to lie, cheat, and twist (all the while drooling) over a phrase like “legitimate rape” when uttered by a strong conservative Christian politician. But should we expect the same from alleged conservatives?

Yet this is exactly what we’ve seen from several prominent conservatives in the wake of a media gaffe from U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin (R-MO) in regard to alleged “legitimate rape” and abortion.

What could have been quickly and easily handled with a consolidated response correctly interpreting Akin’s unfortunate phrase was instead a rare cause of bipartisan hazing.

It’s an old and reliable political reality: liberals care for even the criminals in their midst, while conservatives shoot their wounded. So, for example, Joe Biden can put all three of his left feet in his mouth twice a week and the media performs damage control (and perhaps leash training as well). The Right can scream and howl but the matter gets buried in no time. And thus, the male-prostitute hiring Barney Franks of this world retire from Congress as alleged civil rights heroes.

Meanwhile, let a conservative utter an awkward phrase, and it’s ready, aim, fire—not only from the leftist media, but from alleged conservatives like Ann Coulter, Scott Brown, the Romney-Ryan campaign, and the RNC itself. “We’re not associated with him!”

And in this case, the volley of verbal bullets came with disproportionate verve. It’s almost like the GOP establishment is more than eager to get rid of the most conservative tea-party types among them. (This is not to endorse Akin myself. I find his views on foreign policy and unlimited military-empire spending far less than biblical.)

Fact is, Todd Akin has always been the anti-Establishment, tea party favorite. He has stood up against the liberal machine, the biased MSM and the GOP Establishment…all of which threw him under the bus, then picked him up and threw him right back under again…and again..and again…and the man STILL got back up. I don’t know about you, but that is resilience in my book. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few of those among the 100 Senators serving America?

Truly a David v Goliath.

But here is where the rest of you are missing the point…none of this changes the man’s record. None of this warrants the character assasination mounted against him and his family. And none of this changes the fact that he is the candidate.

So, are you going to continue to bow to leftist tactics, or are you going to get the most dangerous, sly, and progressive Senators the heck out of Missouri? It is Claire or Todd. You pick.

Akin Resurges in St Louis County

Days after Todd Akin’s gaffe-gone-viral, where he referred to what progressive “comedian” Whoopi Goldberg coined as “rape-rape” as “legitimate rape” (meaning that it actually happened…not that it was justified as acceptable), it seems the spin has gone too far and backfired.


Grassroots leaders on the ground in Missouri are reporting inboxes flooded, and phones ringing non-stop in a newly reaffirmed support for the Congressman’s Senatorial campaign.

It seems that cooler heads are prevailing, now that the knee-jerk reaction toward Akin’s remarks have been slept upon. Akin still leads Claire McCaskill in the Senate race, even after yesterday’s national uproar by the GOP Establishment.

While supporters in both John Brunner’s and Sarah Steelman’s camp gnared their teeth at the opportunity to snag the seat, should Akin vacate, those dreams were quickly dashed by the time they finally finished reading through Missouri’s Sore Loser Law.

Supporters are holding out hope for the Akin Campaign’s promise to stay in the race until the last vote is counted on November 6, many of them eagerly organizing to obtain additional yardsigns to display as soon as possible.

It is clear that the people voted, and Akin’s primary win should be upheld. It is also clear that the Missouri Establishment GOP was quick to stand next to the progressive extremists in throwing Akin under the bus, over and over again. If you ask me, I would want a man of such resilience in the Senate. It’s one out of 100, folks…and nobody in their right mind will be swayed by this enough to vote for McCaskill over Akin in November.

Everybody, take a deep breath… Ahhhhhh!

Empty Chair My Ass!

I call bullshit!
Akin’s campaign says there was confusion as to Piers Morgan lineup as Akin staffer confirms the Congressman was never scheduled as a guest on the show, CNN confirms.
CNN’s Morgan featured an empty chair on his program to create the illusion that Akin was a no-show.
Akin’s campaign also confirms that Todd Akin is currently in Ohio, looking past the gaffe that rocked a campaign for a day, but will be nothing but a memory as soon as the next crazy liberal goes and shoots it up.

Akin Attacks Delegitimizes Trauma of Rape

As a woman, as a mother, as a wife, I believe my body is sacred. It is sacred to God, it is sacred as my children’s womb and it is sacred as my husband’s deepest passion.

That being said, I am sharing the story of a dear friend, and rape survivor. She refuses to be called a victim…and based upon her plight, I cannot, for the life of me, understand anyone who would. And I cannot understand men or women, regardless if their political persuasion, who are exploiting a violent sexual attack on any woman for gain.

In case you head has been in a hole these past few days, feel free to check out the hoopla over Todd Akin…but what is more disturbing to me is the fact that both sides are exploiting this situation with zero regard for the pain their shameless digs drum up in women who have lived through it.
Here is Kirsten’s story:

As a young woman, I thought I new it all, and the world was mine to conquer. That all changed on bright, sunny afternoon when I was spending time with a friend, 3 years my senior.
Without getting into graphic detail, he raped me…as Whoopi Golderg would say, I was “rape raped”. I wasn’t beaten severely or held at knife point, but I was completely overpowered. I was also in shock, mortified, and in denial of what was happening to me.
Once the deed had been done, I didn’t know what to do. What if my parents found out? What about my peers? What if I became pregnant. The mental torture I endured from that singular event became my secret, and mine alone to bear.
Yes, I was in physical pain…excruciating, but emotionally, I was near death. What did I do to deserve this? I was a “good girl” as girls went, and had lost my virginity to a violent attack. It was stolen from me.
I could not sleep, I could not eat, I spent my days excusing myself to go to the restroom and cry for hours on end until my throat was raw.
Being young and foolish, I did not report the rape for fear of humiliation. On top of my physical and emotional pain, it would be far too bear.
I have no idea if I had gotten pregnant for sure. I do remember, being late for my period for 3 weeks, I had been struck down by a new terror. I hadn’t told anyone what happened to me, and now how was I to explain this? I was sure the man who did this to me would never tell the truth.
I was physically and emotionally at the end of my rope.
Two days later, I started bleeding heavily and that lasted nearly two weeks. I just remember being relieved that I had nothing more to explain away, if there was anything to begin with.
In hindsight, I believe I had been impregnated, and the stress on me, both physically and emotionally, was too much for my system. It was all equally traumatic as the first offense.
For many, many years, I kept this all to myself. Then the real world hit me. Every time there was a major story of a woman going through what I went through, it ripped of the scab to open the wounds anew. I am absolutely outraged that so many men and women, especially in the media, are so careless and self-centered that they neglect the emotions and mental health of rape survivors across the nation and around the globe. Do they not realize what they are doing to us? We relive that horrible, horrible moment over and over again. With every word spoken, I relive every moment, every thrust, every tear, and every fear of that rape.
Do they not realize the shame we carry, the guilt we feel, not to mention the depression? Do they not realize countless women have taken their own lives as a result of a “legitimate rape”, and each time they play such a nasty political press game, they are inching women that much closer to the brink?
I hope it’s worth it to them, to know that they are hurting so many…and for what? Where are the feminists who are supposed to be kind, tolerant, and understand me as a woman when I am hurt? I guess they just don’t get it.

Very good questions, indeed! Perhaps the “rape rape” MSM could get their heads out of their butts long enough to realize that when they exploit such situations, they are hurting thousands upon thousands. How many more women have to relive such a violation, and for how long?

…and based upon this woman’s story, I guess I can see where what Todd Akin said actually makes some sense…

Scouts of Old

Funny, my husband and I were just going through Scouting badges and awards, when my pal Jimi sent me this:


Amazing how far we have come in 50 years!

America, Meet Your Grand Wizard In Chief

That’s right, it’s Joe F****** Biden!…and he’s gonna “put y’all back in chains!”


That’s because he’s a race-baiter. He’s a racist. He’s also an idiot. And all y’all black folk know exactly who “y’all” are. Luckily, the chains the KKKGWOTUS speaks of are made in China…

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